1. Is capslist.com a web store?

No, we don't sell caps and hats or any other products. We collect it from the most popular and reliable e-stores to one place. We deliver fast and convenient search opportunities of the particular cap or hat you are looking for. You can filter items by color, type, style, size, model, athletic team, and even gender.

2. Why am I redirected to another store when trying to make a purchase?

As we are not selling items directly, but just listing and systematizing them for you, once you have chosen the cap/hat to buy, you’ll be redirected to the e-shop. There you can proceed with purchase right away.

3. What should I do if I have troubles with my order?

To resolve any issues concerning your order, you have to contact the store directly where your order proceeded. We advise you to find the contact information on the official website of the store to which you were redirected from our website. Do it as soon as possible after experiencing any difficulties to speed up the handling of your issue.


4. What should I do to return or change the product?

To exchange or return the product you have to contact the store you have ordered from. Customer support will proceed with a refund or exchange in accordance with the legislation and policy of a particular store. We recommend contacting store’s representatives for more information.