Caps List is a place where you can give freedom to your preferences in style. We have the biggest collection of head dressing items from the top stores and brands. We specialize only in caps because believe that every detail must be thoughtful. We don't sell goods but help people to purchase them. With Caps List, you don't have to surf all over the internet in efforts to find the perfect one you have seen on a guy in a subway. Here you can find everything.


Caps List team knows that words have the incredible power of spreading ideas, which we seek for. We announce a $1000 scholarship for students involved in style, branding, and fashion. We want more fresh ideas and proposals on how to improve current or create another service which helps people finding what they are intensely looking for.


Both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying fashion, branding, marketing business, IT, or in other way related to what we are doing, are welcomed to participate. Any ideas will be considered. We don't need any experience in the area; we need your creative thoughts.


If it sounds attractive to you and you have already composed a few concepts in your head, develop them into an essay and apply it.


Participation conditions

To have a chance of winning the scholarship you need to research and write a creative piece of 500-1000 words. The subject of the creative piece is "How thoughtful details can make your style".


What do we need?

  Fresh ideas on improving Caps List

  Ideas for creating similar services

  Self-expression through details

  Promotion of the art of Caps


The participant who will provide the most creative ideas and provide details on its implementation will receive $1000 for personal needs. If you feel interested, find out further information.


Basic Requirements

  Be a US citizen

  Be a student of any educational institution

  Study fashion, branding, marketing business, IT, communication, or related program

  Have GPA at least 2.75


Each essay must be creative and unique. Plagiarized pieces won’t be considered. The main point of the piece must be persuasiveness. We want to receive clear and detailed ideas and plans on its bringing to life.


We will consider creativity, detalization, fresh ideas, understanding of the idea of Cups List, and uniqueness. The more matches you will show in your work the more chances you gain.


Submitting an Application

Create a document in the .doc format which will represent your most brave ideas consecutively within 500-1000 words. Please include any links to a website (if any) or social profiles which you consider important. 

After completing the previously described steps and proofreading your work, send it to the following email address [email protected] and include the following information to the body of the letter:

  First and last name, Phone number, address

  Name of the educational institution

  Study program

  Scan of the document proofing that you are currently a student


You automatically agree to the usage of your essay in either marketing or promotional purposes.



The last day of sending applications is 01.09.2018 . The winner will be chosen until 01.10.2018 and will be contacted immediately. The scholarship will be awarded within five days.

The scholarship is annual. If you for some reason fail to apply to win, try again next year.